Nuri  B. Farber, MD

Nuri B. Farber, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Studies Involved in: CET-REM, SWIPED, DNS-ECT

Dr. Nuri B. Farber grew up in Texas.  He did both his undergraduate and medical school training at Washington University.  He received his specialty training in psychiatry at Washington University and has been on faculty at the university since 1993.  His interests are in severe mental illnesses, which have significant abnormalities in sleep.  He has spent most of his career studying and using NMDA antagonists both in animals and humans.  He collaborates with others in the Sleepy Brain Lab to study sleep dysregulation in psychiatric disorders.  Outside of work Dr. Farber enjoys spending his time cooking and traveling in Europe.  He has spent two years living there and speaks French fluently.