Charles Conway, MD

Charles Conway, MD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director of the Treatment Resistant Depression and Neurostimulation; Clinic Director of the Washington University Center for Advancement of Research in Resistant Mood and Affective Disorders (CARRMA); Interventional Psychiatry Rotation Director

Studies Involved in: Nitrous Oxide

Chuck originally hails from St. Louis. He is a Professor of Psychiatry and clinician-researcher at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and Duke University for a general psychiatry residency, where he served as Chief Resident at John Umstead Hospital.  

Chuck leads the Washington University Treatment-Resistant Depression Clinic, as well as the Washington University Center for the Advancement of Research in Resistant Mood and Affective Disorders (CARRMA). His research and clinical focus is on refractory mood disorders, most critically, treatment-resistant depression (TRD). In this capacity, he currently heads up numerous clinical trials that attempt to better understand the biological and neurophysiological basis of TRD, as well as to examine the impact of various novel treatments, ultimately aiming to improve outcomes for individuals suffering with this virulent form of major depressive disorder. These studies include neurostimulation, NMDA antagonists, neurosteroids, inflammatory markers, microbiome, neuroimaging, and genomics/genetics.  

One of his primary areas of investigation is the use of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) for TRD. Since 2005, he has participated in all major VNS TRD trials in the US and currently serves as the lead investigator of the large, multicenter, double-blind, RECOVER VNS trial.  

Chuck enjoys spending time with family, baseball (lifetime Cardinals fan) and football, fishing, hiking, piano, and reading history.