Maria Tello Borja

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research studies interested in: P-DROWS-E, CET-REM
Research studies actively involved in: CET-REM

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in New Jersey, Maria is currently finalizing her junior year while pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis, where she majors in PNP (philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology), and minors in English literature. In 2021, Maria was accepted to ENDURE, an NIH program that supports minority students interested in pursuing a PhD by offering a multitude of resources such as guidance in becoming matched with a lab, and how to write a manuscript. Beginning in summer of 2022, Maria will join the Palanca lab to further explore clinical research after brief experience in an epilepsy lab and later a wet lab interested in investigating the mechanisms of olfaction in mice. Maria hopes to pursue a PhD in neuroscience upon graduation from WashU, after taking a gap year to gain more in-depth experience in a lab. In her free time Maria enjoys hiking, reading, and volunteering as an EMT at her local squad in NJ and through the WashU emergency response club.