Welcome to the Sleepy Brain Lab!

The Sleepy Brain Laboratory leverages sleep and circadian
markers towards novel interventions and elucidation of
neuropsychiatric disorders. 


  • Probe the relationships between postoperative delirium and perioperative sleep and circadian markers. 
  • Evaluate novel interventions for modulating the interface between human anesthesia and/sleep states and impact on downstream cognition and behavior. 
  • Evaluate the role of sleep in rapid-acting interventions for treatment-resistant depression. 


  • Quantitative EEG 
  • Sleep recordings with wireless wearable devices 
  • Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging 
  • Translational interventions involving sedation and general anesthesia 

The Sleepy Brain Lab is made up of clever, skilled, and thoughtful researchers, doctors, and students. Each member of our Lab brings a unique perspective to our work and provides invaluable insight to our research projects.